Creating a Community of Engaged Learners: Course 1 Final Project

As an educator, my goal has always been to create an engaged classroom, and in my classroom, we are rarely silent.  Rather, we work together, collaborate, communicate and gain understanding.  As an administrator, I hope to emulate this goal as a school.  A successful school is an engaged school, with faculty coming together to share ideas, collaborate and communicate with one another.

The RSS Reader was definitely a hit for me in this first course, so much so, that I hope to inspire our entire faculty to utilize this powerful tool.  To that end, I have written a UbD unit with the goal to get everyone on faculty using an RSS Reader within the next six months.  I cannot force this upon teachers.  Instead, I have to create an environment of engagement so that teachers want to participate.  This is the goal: an engaged faculty participating in the global community and utilizing the power of the web to enhance their professional practice.


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