A Fine Balance

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I live in a society where privacy is visual.  Women physically cover to maintain privacy, their right to say, don’t look at me.  Does this give them privacy or just the illusion of privacy.  Can we ever not be seen?

This is the same question we pose when discussing Internet privacy.  On the one hand, I am enraged to hear that Facebook is trying to own my photos because I posted them to their site, even after I delete them from the site.  On the other hand, I am even more enraged to hear about the SOPA and PIPA bills, which in essence, are trying to stop the social networking power of the Internet.

Clay Shirky on SOPA and PIPA

It’s interesting to consider the contrasts between consumer and creator.  Over the last twenty years, it has been popular to lament the negative impact of technology.  Adults complain that

  • students play video games all the time at the expense of playing outside
  • kids are constantly on social messaging sites at the expense of real person interactions
  • children watch too much TV
  • and et cetera

In reality, and if we look at Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, we are becoming more creative as a culture.  SOPA and PISA prove this.  Why else the backlash of fear from the media industry that has led to these bills?

What a shame, that as we move forward into the 21st Century, where schools are re-thinking educational frameworks and valuing creation and innovation as key 21st Century Skills, we have Big Business in the form of media enterprises, trying to stop our innovation, our ability to create and share, because they want us to remain mindless consumers, production line workers who come home to “veg” out in front of their own creation and industry.

We are living in the 21st century.  Creativity and innovation are the attributes of future success.  What if we worked cooperatively to achieve this?  What if we weren’t so consumed with who owns what?  What if we could adopt a culture of respect so that privacy and ownership could exist jointly with collaboration and sharing?

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  1. I think you hit it on the nail with the last question “What if we could adopt a culture of respect so that privacy and ownership could exist jointly with collaboration and sharing?” There is a complete lack of respect in much of the online world. This anonymity of forums and social media leads to disrespect and shameful actions hidden behind a fake name and face. It shows the real nature of some people and it’s a shame that we forget to treat each other with respect when we aren’t actually face to face. Great article. Really enjoyed in.

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