I am not a runner, but I run.
I am not a public speaker, but I speak publicly.
I am not a natural nurturer, but I nurture naturally.

I am a poet, yet these days, I write mostly nonfiction.
I am a reader, yet these days, I read far too little.
I am a natural at yoga, yet these days, I’m far too inflexible.

I am not a cyclist, but I spin.
I am not a ballerina, but I dance ballet.
I am not techy, but I am a tech fanatic.

I am an introvert, yet these days, I’m with others constantly.
I crave solitude but I also crave friendship.

I am not a runner, yet
I have found joy in running
while listening to podcasts
that inspire ideas for writing
and mothering
and innovating.

I am not a runner, but I run.

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