My Brilliant Five-Year-Old

Last week, as I walked in the door from work, Mia greeted me by bouncing around me, waving the below picture in my face, and shrieking, “What’s the right answer?”

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 1.34.08 PM

Completely lost, I paused to have a look.  Mia kept up a running dialogue.  “Choose the correct picture.  Guess the main idea?  What picture tells the story?”

“I can’t choose because I don’t know the story.”

“Oh?  Just a minute.”  With that, Mia ran off and wrote the sentences around the picture.  Then, she asked again.

The sentence reads: “One day a little girl played in the garden.”  The answer can be chosen from the following: A girl kicking a ball, a butterfly flying, turning on the light or a flower growing.

I love her brilliance and her new found resilience.  From what I can decode, they must be learning main idea in her kindergarten class by reading a story and selecting the picture that best tells the story.  No big deal.  But, I’m pretty sure the students themselves aren’t supposed to be writing the story, drawing the pictures and quizzing their parents on the main idea.

Parenting is taking delight in the little surprises each day.  With Mia, I am constantly astounded at her enthusiasm and her creativity.  And I am definitely a proud mama because this makes me think she’s the most brilliant five-year-old around.  At the very least, I’m glad she finds so much joy in school that she’s inspired to do it all again at home.  That’s learning!

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