Digital Storytelling & Narrative Poetry Webinar – April 13

Greetings StoryTellers and StoryKeepers!!
It’s Poetry Month!!
Our 2014-15 DSN Webinars continue with…

Poetic Voices: Using Digital StoryTelling to
Visualize Narrative Poetry

Join DSN Execs Tara Waudby and Julie Jaeger
April 13th at 8:00 PM ET, 7:00 PM CT, 6:00 PM MT, and 5:00 PM PT
Register at this link….

Poetry is a powerful mode of communication, and in the history of storytelling, poetry is an essential element of the genre. Learn how we can make poetry come to life and give image to the imagery of poetry with Digital Storytelling. The session will incorporate three ideas that we can use to visualize narrative poetry. We will review digitizing poetic personal narratives, using digital stories to demonstrate analysis of poetry, and using digital storytelling to inspire the creation of original poetic narratives. Hope you can join us!!

DSN members…find numerous resources and webinar archives at our
StoryKeepers-DSN Wiki

Please feel free to send this information on to others…our webinars are free and all are welcome to join us. Hope to see you there!!

3 Replies to “Digital Storytelling & Narrative Poetry Webinar – April 13”

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I’m sorry you didn’t get the link. If you registered at the URL, you should have received an email from Julie regarding login. I wonder if your times are off because I received your message 3 hours after the webinar. It was at 8 p.m. eastern time. Sorry about this. The presentation is up on my blog now and the recording will be sent out soon.

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