Embracing the Imperfect

One of my profound flaws is an excessive need for perfection.  On a rational and logical level, I understand that the world is rife with imperfection.  Yet, I still struggle with my daily imperfections, for example losing my patience with Mia or saying the ‘wrong” thing.

While I am very aware of the fact that I am not perfect, I have an irrational expectation that all that I do and say should be perfect, particularly as a leader and a parent. Often, when I blog, I’ll write a post and ponder for days whether I should post it.  For example, I agonized for over a week on whether I should post my thoughts on ego.  Yet, when I did, it was met with a lot of positive feedback.

This 30/30 exercise allows for imperfections.  My all-time favorite blogger, George Couros wrote recently about his blog being a place of sharing and personal learning, that writing helps him learn.  He posts often, and though not all of his posts are perfect, I always learn from him and I am always inspired.  Plus, our imperfections allow us to show our humanity, which deepens our connections and relationships.  Today, I embrace my imperfections and hope to learn from them.

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