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A couple of days ago, I posted on the power of digitally archiving ourselves via video, which has amazing potential in teaching and learning for ourselves and others.  If they are posted and published, they become part of the Vlog world.  However, we could “vlog” in various other mediums as well, perhaps internally within our organizations or even privately over time to become part of a bigger piece – perhaps leaving a message for our children each year for 15 years and then editing them together.  The possibilities are exciting.

One such possibility that is taking rise are video recommendations.  As online portfolios take rise, candidates are looking to market themselves differently.  Recently, a teacher asked me to provide him with a video reference, and I agreed.

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He came in with his video camera, asked me to discuss some talking points and hit record.  I gave a 4-5 minute recommendation, which included elements that I would have included in a recommendation letter.  We finished in one take and he was very pleased to have heard live my reference of him.  From my perspective, taking 5 minutes to record a recommendation is far more efficient than taking 30-60 minutes per letter to wordsmith the “perfect” recommendation.  Additionally, it was a positive interaction between the teacher and I, so it also served as a relationship builder.

After we’d finished, we discussed a couple of uses of such videos.  Busy administrators may not have time to watch 3-4 five-minute recommendations.  Thus, we could film numerous recs and then edit them into a single clip, leaving the original archives available for those with more time.

Though I don’t love being on video, I’m loving the possibilities of video!


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