On Leaving

I recently left my home of 10 years.  As much as I love it, I can’t believe it was my home for this long.  You see, Kuwait is generally more transient, and most people leave within 2-4 years.

Yet, my ten years seems like a flash – a most significant flash.  Kuwait is where I met my husband.  Where I had both of my daughters.  Where I started my tenure in school leadership.  Where I started and ended my MFA in poetry.  Where I loved my school more deeply than I can describe.  Where I have felt most at home than any other place I’ve been or lived.

Many people asked how I felt upon leaving, expecting either deep sadness or extreme joy. My answer: I leave with love and gratitude.

It is time for my family to move on, and with that knowledge, comes a certain nostalgia.  I will always love Kuwait for what it is, the people, and what it has given me.  Yet, it is time to go.  Thus, I leave with love and gratitude.

It is a most satisfying feeling to leave a place with deep appreciation and high expectation for the future.  We expats live a transitory life.  Still, I can say to Kuwait and ASK, that I will “love you forever [and] like you for always” while anticipating with great excitement the many futures unfolding.

Some Kind of Ride by Brian Andreas

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