Inspiring Thought

Yesterday, we ran a positive opening convocation.  I say positive because the room was filled with energy, people were exchanging ideas and “cross-pollinating” and, based on feedback, the session generated hallway talk after.  In fact, one person told me that he’d overheard three or four conversations inspired by the convocation as he passed through one of the halls.

This makes me happy because the goal of learning should always be to inspire thought.  If just one person is left thinking, I’m happy.  Whether we agree or disagree, the thinking, talking and reflection is what helps us learn and grow.

Certainly, it should be our goal to inspire this same type of thinking in our students, so that they are left “buzzing” after their time with us.

Posing questions is one of the best ways to inspire thought, and using protocols from sources such as Critical Friends and Thinking Collaborative can allow for increased engagement, voices from all learners and ultimately, more learning.

An essential question for everyday should be this: Have I inspired thought today?

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