For Change: “Just Keep Nipping Away”

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If you missed tonight’s Rugby World Cup 2015 South Africa versus Japan game, you missed a “rugby miracle,” rugby history, sports history.  In an epic game, Japan, the underdog, won the game.  But they didn’t just win and they certainly didn’t get lucky.  As one commentator said, “They weren’t lucky; they worked incredibly hard…”

This was the first game Japan, a tier 2 or tier 3 team, had ever played against South Africa, who are rated among the top three teams in the world.  And they won.  In the last minutes of the game.  Because they refused to stop and, as one commentator noted repeatedly, “they just kept nipping away.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 9.42.11 PMAn astounding game to watch, Japan got a penalty kick seconds before the end of the game.  But did they take it and go for what would still have been a historic draw?  No! They went for the try.  And 4-5 minutes later, they won because they refused to quit. It was a glorious win, but it wasn’t glamorous.  They pushed forward and were taken down.  Passed the ball and went down again.  And again and again.  But they “kept battering away” until they scored the try and made world cup and rugby history.

Not only have they inspired rugby fans and ensured that this will be a memorable World Cup 2015.  Their bravery in not taking the draw is inspiring from any perspective.  Whether we are striving for change in our profession, peace in our world, or simply trying to raise compassionate children, Japan showed us that no matter how small a chance, we can succeed.  We should not settle.  We deserve to go for the win.

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